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3 Tips For Feeling Less Homesick When You're New To The Military Lifestyle

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You might love a lot of things about being in the military or being married to someone who is in the military, but there might be some things that you do not like about the military lifestyle. For example, you might find that you are feeling a bit lonely and homesick. If you feel like you're destined to continue feeling this way, consider these tips for feeling a little less homesick while you're still getting used to living the military lifestyle:

1. Make an Effort to Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

Just because you are stationed far away from home does not mean that you can't stay in contact with friends and family. Nowadays, there are more ways than ever to stay in contact with loved ones in another city, state, or country. Talking on the phone, texting, using video chat software programs or apps on your smartphone or computer, communicating via social media, and more can all help you stay in touch with the friends and family members you might have left behind. They are sure to be happy to hear from you, and you can help avoid feeling too homesick. This will also help you to make sure that your relationships with these people remain strong.

2. Work Hard to Establish Friendships in Your Current Location

In addition to staying in contact with friends or family members from home while you're serving in the military, you should consider making an effort to establish friendships in your current location. Spending time with coworkers, participating in activities on base, and getting out and about in the city that you're stationed in are all ways that you can meet others and have a good time.

3. Keep Yourself Busy with School and Hobbies

If you keep yourself busy with school and hobbies, you might find that you don't feel quite so lonely, homesick, and bored. For example, going back to school -- which you can do with online colleges for military -- can give you something productive and interesting to do so you won't have as much time to think about how homesick you are. Dedicating time to working out, playing video games, reading, and doing other things that you love can help a lot, too.

If you're new to the military lifestyle and are feeling a bit homesick, you should know that it's completely normal to feel that way. You might find that you will always miss home, but following the three tips above can help you get more accustomed to living the military lifestyle and can help you be happier while you're serving in the military, or while you're married to someone who might be a part of the military.