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3 Tips For Feeling Less Homesick When You're New To The Military Lifestyle

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You might love a lot of things about being in the military or being married to someone who is in the military, but there might be some things that you do not like about the military lifestyle. For example, you might find that you are feeling a bit lonely and homesick. If you feel like you’re destined to continue feeling this way, consider these tips for feeling a little less homesick while you’re still getting used to living the military lifestyle: Read More»

Four Fabulous Reasons To Pursue A Career As A Medical Assistant

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If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health care field but don’t want to spend the next four or more years in school, you should consider taking a medical assistant program. These programs generally last under a year and offer flexible classroom hours. Federal and state financial aid may be available, and many programs have an online option that is ideal for those who are employed or caring for families. Read More»

The Many Roles Books Play In The Preschool Classroom

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No one can argue with the fact that books make wonderful transportation devices. Better than any automobile, any jet plane, any ferry, a good book deftly moves the reader, or the listener, out of the world they’re in and into the one they wish to experience. For adults, the feeling can be addictive – escapism at its best. But for preschoolers, the experience of a good book is also a terrific learning opportunity. Read More»